[TBG] Yorkshire Terrier Enviro 200 Repaint

[TBG] Yorkshire Terrier Enviro 200 Repaint 1.0

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ADL_E200_KMB_AAS : Dennis Enviro 200 - Omsi 2
Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack: Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack
Enviro 200 Yorkshire Destinations: HOF Files - Yorkshire 2.0 Enviro 200 Destination Blinds
Yorkshire 2.0: Yorkshire Counties
Yorkshire Terrier Repaint Pack (Optional, but go show the love!) :Yorkshire Terrier Repaint Pack
Thank you for downloading this repaint. This is my 3rd released repaint (since uploading this repaint, I have removed the first one of the three) and this time it is yet another Enviro 200 repaint, but it is painted into the Yorkshire Terrier livery! This repaint was uploaded with the permission from @Sylar and @Whiskey.Stuffs.


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The British Gamer
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Nice one. Just what I wanted
The British Gamer
The British Gamer
Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.
Great repaint il be using this in my AI pack