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[TBG] Stagecoach Route 35 Branding for the enviro 200 2.1

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A stagecoach route 35 branding for the Enviro 200 to be used on Buses of The Westcountry (BoTW)

Hey all. This was my first upload from about a year ago. Don’t judge, I was still new to modding for this game back then. There is more to come just like my ‘Repaint Request Thread’ Which you can request repaints at. Thanks, Myles
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The British Gamer
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The repaint looks really good :) is it one of your first? I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to drive a Stagecoach around BoTW!
The British Gamer
The British Gamer
Hi there! Thank you for the kind words! Yes, this was my very first repaint! Uploaded just a little while after I joined the forums. Thanks again for your words! (I have improved since this)
Why did you upload that VSG repaint here?
The British Gamer
The British Gamer
I can upload a VSG repaint on here but id rather not thx.
Virtual Stagecoach repaint....