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Welcome to Strathshire!


Strathshire is the first mainland Scottish map for OMSI 2. Strathdon, the main city of region, rose to prominence in the 1860s with a tourism boom driven by the industrial revolution and railway. Strathshire’s population is approximately 120,000 residents but the region attracts many visitors every year, the majority of whom flock to Strathdon for the bustling markets and its renowned nightlife.

There is a list of dependencies required to run the map in the Required Downloads box above, and also contained within the README file. You may find it beneficial to read this while the main file is downloading so you can prepare the dependencies.

The README file also contains credits to all authors of content used within the map, and to the beta testing team who've exhausted their time in the few weeks prior to release to make it as seamless as possible.

Once you've thoroughly driven the map, please feel free to leave a review on Fellowsfilm, and some feedback using
this link. You can also report bugs through this link, or via the Discussion & Support thread on Fellowsfilm, because all feedback is good feedback, right? ;)

Although I've had experience modifying and helping others with maps, this is the first one I've released by myself. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope I've persuaded you to download the map, and your feedback would be very much appreciated! :)

Known Issues
  • Despite being compact, the map is resource-intensive. It runs approximately the same as Cotterell on my system, but this will vary from PC to PC. I've tried my best to optimise the heaviest areas, but the base of the map was inefficiently built 4 years ago when I was new to the developing scene. I suggest you have Neighbour Tile Count set to 1, and turn your AI settings down (particularly at peak time) if you run into issues. It might also be beneficial to have the glorified 4GB patch installed.

  • Some bus stops you'll never get passengers alighting at - I couldn't stop them from crossing infront of the bus when they alighted, even with a ped path adjacent to the cube.

  • AI buses may get in your way at the Park & Ride, especially if they or you arrive early/late. Fast forward your OMSI by a second and they should move.
  • Traffic on the dual carriageway will change lanes at the last minute - unfortunately I can't fix this, it's an OMSI limitation. :(




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Latest Reviews

Love this map and I play a lot of Omsi 2. Probably one of the best free addons out there, yes there is a lot of files to add but I think we have come to expect this now and when you get a great map like this its well worth it. Even the buses are a great feature, I know a separate addon (i think required) but love them . A great route, worth the download and better than most of the rubbish payware on steam well done dev. Not sure about all the fps complaints, on average I get between 30 and 60 depending where I am on map. I get the usual Omsi FPS drops as with every single map from time to time but that's Omsi . My only complaint is the invisible walls meaning driving with collisions off. However, this seems to be an issue with all free maps now.
After playing on the map for a month now, it is of excellent quality. It's very enjoyable and there are a wide array of routes to play on - top quality, Ross.
Well done Ross! It's a lovely map to drive, there is one issue which could be to do with my PC but I do experience between 13-20FPS on average in the City Centre and around 16-22FPS everywhere else. But other than that, Great Job!
Good size map, only a few issues like the traffic lights dont work and ai traffic seem to disappear at junctions and then reappear else where, but thats why i turn traffic collisions off haha
Firstly, well done Ross on your creation, this is truly one of the best maps out there for OMSI 2 right now. Secondly, you can really tell you have put a lot of time and effort into this map and have really tried to make it your best. Although there are a couple of bugs with AI and the odd route marker missing the map is very clean and very good. Not everything can be perfect and i fully understand that and these are all things which can be corrected in the future. I'm loving the detail in the village and liking the small narrow roads by the hospital too. Different types of roads to drive on with their own challenges.

Well done Ross once again, what a truly amazing creation.
Brilliant, enjoyable quality map. There are very very minor issues that are clearly intended to be fixed in future updates which is brilliant.

It would be nice to see this map worked on and expanded in future, it has a lot of potential.
excellent map ross. But just one quick suggestion. The bus positions in some places / bus stops on the map are a bit off and they crash into bus stops. If you can can you please fix this bug. Thanks
Thanks for your comments. Not sure what you mean, if you could post a screenshot in the Discussion & Support thread or send me a PM it'd be appreciated :)
Great map! Love the city centre!
Few issues:
Junctions by bremmer way and Robertson Road Flats have AI's spawning on them, causing backs up of traffic. Also, I get 60fps by the art centre and I have a powerful PC but around the hospital fps just drops.

Overall: Awesome map but fix the small issues
Amazing! 100/10 i must say!
Love this map as it has the realistic Tight Roads and gives you a challenge.
Keep Up The Good Work, Cant Wait to See for What is To Come For this Map!
Map is okay i guess, Yes issues have been addressed however it could be improved alot to make a good functional map like Yorkshire map for example.
Thank you for your comments. I'd be intrigued to hear what makes a "good functional" map, please send me a private message at your convenience should you wish to elaborate on your comments.