Strathshire Repaint Pack for the Studio Polygon Lite

SP Lite Strathshire Repaint Pack for the Studio Polygon Lite V1

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A few stuff on there thats inaccurate, however I am aware you are not from around a place that NX operate, and thats why I have put it to 5 stars, because its actually really good and a pleasure to drive on the map. You also picked a really good bus to brand the 69 in, as the masterlite suits it. Great repaint!
I Love The Repaint and the detail of the route brandings. I would Love to use this repaint for a future video
I've Honestly been be discouraged to use the Streetlites since their updates to Studio Polygon, but I think this livery may actually have m use it again for a long while, great livery.
Rhys stirling
Rhys stirling
Thank you very much, same here, but I had a drive and kind of fell back in love. Glad you like the repaint