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L21 Citaro (UK - RHD) MS Gen3 SP 400MMC SP Lite UKDT C400R V3D E200MMC V3D ALX400 (B7TL) V3D ALX400 (Regional) Strathshire Announcement + HOF Pack v1.2a

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This file is intended for use with Lowlander21's Citaro UK Pack.
Required Downloads
ALX400 Regional Announcement enabler - To enable announcements on the ALX400 Install after the ALX400
C400R Announcement Patch - To enable announcements on the C400R Install after C400R
This pack will add a more detailed HOF and will also add announcements for the Strathshire map.

Please read the REAME.txt for installation instructions. If you have any trouble with this, please feel free to use the "Help & Support" section of the download for assistance.

There are definitely going to be bugs, as with all things, and therefore I'd be more than happy to receive anything that you find that does not meet standards.

Compatible with:
MAN a21 UK
MB Citaro Facelift UK
V3d Enviro 200MMC
Studio Polygon - Streetlite, Enviro 400MMC.
Masterswitch - Masterdeck (Streetdeck)
ALX400 Regional - Requires IBIS mod (check requirements)
V3D - B7TL - Requires IBIS mod (check requirements)
Citybus C400R - Requires IBIS mod (check requirements)

Using this addon:

It will look like one of these 3:

For setting your display for each of these vehicles, please read the manual for the respective bus. For the numbers that need to be inputted into them, check the manual for the map that you are using it on. For Strathshire, a list of "IBIS CODES" are available in the Strathshire readme.pdf.

The livery you use must have the MSID or SPID option enabled. Without, no announcements will occur.

Please set a timetable using the OMSI menu to start the MSID/SPID information displays. This will allow announcements to occur automatically as you progress through the route.

You should set the electronic displays as per usual.
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30.3 MB
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4.25 star(s) 4 reviews
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Latest updates

  1. Added SP 400 MMC support

    - HOF file added to SP 400MMC Directory
  2. More fixes

    More fixes due to file name issues A neatened HOF file to increase user experience.
  3. Adding terminal announcements + fixes

    - Terminus announcements added. - Some announcements that didnt play were fixed.

Latest Reviews

Tres bien, merci!
Thank you so much with the announcement.
It makes the game no so mundane.
Highly appreciated!
Really good Announcements mod, Thank you!
A good idea, but a better idea might be using a TTS voice like Daniel or Hazel and adding reverb as it sounds more realistic and professional.
Im already using a TTS however this was the most natural sounding TTS that I could find. I also found that any reverb just gets drowned out by bus sounds anyway
Decent announcements, defo better than the Yorkshire ones you made. They do enhance the driving experience of driving but the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of the 5 stars is:

If I am honest, I am guessing these are meant to sound Scottish, however the voice used doesn't sound clear enough "Pronouncing Aldi, Ildi or ldi" which I have never seen a Scottish person pronounce it before (I live in Scotland)

Sorry about the hate used for the pronunciation of the words, but either way, cool!
As you know, the united kingdom has a diverse range of accents, I therefore used an accent that better represents Scotland as a whole rather than a specific part of Scotland, this meant that there were some inconsistencies with the accent but since Strathshire is a fictional map, there was no location to properly pin point the accent, and even if there was, getting a hold of recordings for those accents would be quite the challenge.

I do however intend to create several options of voices for all of my announcement packs in the future. This is somewhat held back by the low yet ever present financial costs that are required to make these announcements, so please do not expect these to come straight away.