Stagecoach V3D Enviro 200 MMC repaint pack

V3D E200MMC Stagecoach V3D Enviro 200 MMC repaint pack V1.1

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Welcome to my Enviro 200 MMC stagecoach Repaint Pack V1
By Daniel Kennett

Stagecoach V3D Enviro 200 MMC repaint pack advert.jpg

This Version (1.0) Includes:
Stagecoach Gold
Stagecoach King's City
Stagecoach standard
Stagecoach Thanet Loop
Stagecoach Coasthopper

Credit goes to V3D for making this bus.

How to Install:
1) Above this Read-Me, you will see a folder named 'OMSI 2'. You will want to open that and drag its contents into your OMSI 2 file.
a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
b. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
This will add the body file and interior.

Thank you for downloading my Stagecoach repaint pack for
V3D's Enviro 200 MMC 11.5m.
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Daniel Kennett
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Latest updates

  1. Stagecoach V3D Enviro 200 MMC Repaint Pack

    V1.1 I have taken out the Stagecoach Gold 74 because it has not been completed and will be added...

Latest Reviews

Nice repaints! I hope same repaints for 8.9m variants will be made. That would be great!
Great pack but on the Gold repaint there is no blue dash or cab just grey?
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you I will have a look into this.
Really Nice livery pack. Loving the Thanet Loop.

Maybe considering adding the Stagecoach South Portsmouth 23 and Basingstoke Go Greener
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you yes I am hoping to add more repaints to this pack.
Awesome pack!!
Only thing I'd suggest is making versions for the 8.9m one, I think that might look pretty cute haha :D
Anyway, thanks a lot for doing it! :)
Great repaint's of various repaints over the country. One thing though would be to add fleet names to the normal repaint. Expample : Under the Stagecoach name on the bus it would say "in Exeter" or "West" something like that. Overall great.
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I have the Loop as my local service and I am delighted to now have it!! THANKS :D
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Your Welcome. Thank you for your feedback.