Stagecoach South for SP 400MMC

SP 400MMC Stagecoach South for SP 400MMC v3

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  • Base Stagecoach livery remade
  • 64 repaint fully remade (Includes fixed spelling mistakes)
  • Activ8 repaint revised
  • Revised interior
  • Revised setvars
A small update to convert all files to .dds and use the new templates.
Adds Stagecoach Andover Activ8 livery as well as matching destination displays and a fixed hof - please delete any hofs you may already have called Stagecoach South Demo or Leafy demo.
v2.0 now includes another repaint - based on one of the 64 branded vehicles and a brand new interior. Plenty of small changes have been made too.
Adds missing demo hof file.