Stagecoach Retro Skin Static London Citybus

Stagecoach Retro Skin Static London Citybus 1.0

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London Citybus 400 London Citybus Latest Repaint Pack by Whiskey.Stuffs both on Fellowsfilms
Here is the London Citybus 400R Static Vehicle in Stagecoach Retro/Stripes by Whiskey.Stuffs. Who has gave me permission to use/upload the file with it.

This folder contains 2 images of what it looks like, the file and a read me of credits what it is and installation instructions.

Here's How to use this file

1) Download
2) Open Folder
3)Navigate to you SceneryObjects Folder
3a) Windows - Programmes (x86) - Steam - Steamapps - common - OMSI 2 - SceneryObjects
4)Either Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste Folder into SceneryObjects
5) Open Omsi 2 Editor
6)Go to Objects Tab and Load Object
7)Scroll down to Stagecoach Retro Static and open
8)In Editor Scunthorpe Folder should appear
9)Open it and the only item that should be there is this one
10)Click on it
11)Hopefully if all goes well the C400 Static should be in Stagecoach Retro/Stripes Livery by Whiskey.Stuffs

Credits go to Whiskey.Stuffs for this awesome repaint who as before has given me permission to use.
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