Stagecoach Repaint Pack

V3D Digibus Phantom Stagecoach Repaint Pack v1.9

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Not required, but still makes it look nice: Digibus Phantom - DLC - Optare Spectra OMSI | Digibus Preservation
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This repaint pack is currently on version 1.9 and contains 6 repaints!
The pack currently supports 1 bus(es)/pack(s), those being:
Digibus Phantom

This pack was mainly created by me (Myles), but other people have chipped in, and have been credited where appropriate.

The pack also contains support for all Standard Height variants. If you want to drive a Low-Floor variant, I highly suggest that you go and download @Whiskey.Stuffs' lovely repaint pack for the bus.

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Below is a "slide" for you to view. Underneath the slide, there will be a list of the repaints included in that slide, and what they'll appear as in the in-game selection menu.

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Stagecoach Corporate
Stagecoach Corporate (Adverts)
Stagecoach Magic Bus
Stagecoach Magic Bus (Adverts)
Stagecoach London
Stagecoach London (Adverts)

Below is a list of people who have helped make this pack possible. Without their help, this would have either been delayed by a long time, or simply just not happen in the first place.

Team DigiBus - The wonderful bus
Sam - Providing some feedback on how to improve the pack.
Dan (DJ98) - Providing some feedback on how to improve the pack.
MrChips - Providing some adverts to use
Leland Hill - Providing some adverts to use.
Myles W
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  1. New templates!

    I have transferred the repaints over to the latest templates. Also to make way for v2, which is...

Latest Reviews

Very well done set of repaints. Each pack that you produce gets better and better each time! Look forward to future packs and updates to come :)
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you so much! It's so lovely to hear such kind words from the community.
An absolutely stunning repaint! Extremely detailed, realistic and completed to a high standard.
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you very much! Glad to hear you're enjoying my pack.