Stagecoach Repaint Pack for London Citybus C400R

UKDT C400R Stagecoach Repaint Pack for London Citybus C400R V4.0

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Stagecoach is one of the leading operators in the United Kingdom and offers many different services across the country. The ADL Enviro 400 is one of Stagecoach's most common vehicles and was created in OMSI in the form of the London Citybus 400, and to match the C400's superb connections to real life, a matching splash of paint was required, too! With V4, experience a whole new set of completely redesigned repaints, with whole new retrims of interiors.

If you haven't already tried out the Citybus 400R, you can download it here; [UKDT] London Citybus 400R

Jason: All Repaints in the Pack

PLEASE NOTE: Do not re-distribute my work onto websites other than Virtual Bus and Fellowsfilm Forum without my permission!

Installation Instructions
First and most importantly, those who have previous versions of this mod must remove it from their OMSI dictionary, this pack significantly overhauls the file structure and therefore requires a fresh installation.

Please also note, this repaint pack includes replacement steering wheel textures to form Scania and ADL badges. These will replace the original London variants from the dictionary and will apply this change to all repaints you use on the Citybus 400. You can just not transfer these, however.

1) Navigate to your OMSI 2 Install Directory (eg. C://Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/OMSI 2/)
3) Navigate to the folder containing your preferred version, 'HD' or 'Ultra-HD'.
3) Extract the 'Vehicles' Folder from this Archive into your OMSI Install Directory.
4) After extraction, launch OMSI 2 and Enjoy!

Please be aware, the 'Ultra-HD' version is only recommended for more powerful computers and WILL be more unstable within the OMSI environment. This is due to the higher resolution textures consuming more memory, causing the vehicle lighting problems when implemented in the AI. For use on maps such as Bowdenham, standard HD is recommended.
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Latest Reviews

lovely repaints I use most of them for the ai buses on Scunthorpe and yorkshire
Looks great!! Really well done Jason :)
Out of interest, how do you get the handover display to work??
Nice Nice Nice Amazing How It Even Includes ADL And Scania Badger's
Absolutely fantastically detailed (even down to the Alexander Dennis stickers on the windows). The Ultra-HD pack has by far the most detailed skins of any bus in OMSI I've ever seen. I can only congratulate you mate, well done :)
Awesome repaints, is the Hybrid one based off some of the Stagecoach Sheffield Hybrids?
Indeed it is. I decided to include it as it was done and ready, and it gives people a flavor of what's to come when the fully branded Hybrids are complete ;)
11/5 Look amazing! Remember, Take your time on updates, I will wait as they are high-Quality! (I'd love to see more full-livery buses) -SW
Many thanks for the kind words!
Wow they are amazing repaints like the update too with the new repaints for the c400r and the c400rx keep up the good work Jason
Thanks for the kind comments :)
Marvellous set of repaints, now we just need a E400H soundset for the Hybrid livery xD
Great work pal
Many thanks, responded to your query about the Hybrid livery in PM, hope that clears things up :)
very nice
Thanks for the kind comments!
Amazing! Just thought I might say the OMSI 2 is not the ADL E400 it is not the same sound and looks and interior anyway amazing repaints! I also want to ask how on earth do you make stagecoach repaints I try it it doesn't work lol!
I know that the in-game version isn't an actual ADL Enviro 400. However, the Citybus 400 is based on it ;) I use Photoshop for my variety of creations, too!