Stagecoach London - Citybus 400 Regional

UKDT C400R Stagecoach London - Citybus 400 Regional 1.0

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London Citybus 400:
Some Stagecoach liveries brought to you on the C400.
Thanks Carter Brown and @LBus101 on Twitter for testing.


(Also contains a repaint with the old SC logo)
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Latest Reviews

I agree with the other reviews for this download, when in game you can see that things have just been resized and slapped into place. The round London logo is way too big and looks really out of place. It almost looks like you have rushed this together in a couple of minutes because you wanted to be the first to have a Stagecoach London repaint with new logos up for download.
I'm going to be brutally honest here - It looks like there was no effort put into this repaint, no reference photos used, and just a lack of attention to detail. I mean not even the TFL graphics were included. Shame as I don't believe there's a London repaint yet that has the newer stagecoach logos.
I think this is a great reskin. As with everything, yes there is room for improvement, particularly the roundel. However, everything else is actually very good. Considering that London buses don't really have the most decorative liveries, this is perfectly fine.
Let me jus take one for the team here and say that quite frankly, this livery pack is very, very bad.

The real elephant in the room here is the placement of the TfL Buses roundel. Why is it so big? Just... why? Fair enough that there's no centre door so the roundel is placed in the centre, but it should be at least three quarters of the size and placed centrally beneath the window and above the skirt. It would probably also be a good idea to cite where you got these logos from.

In terms of the actual Stagecoach logos? I can clearly see you've resized these on, as they appear jagged and low-quality. Using 12341 as a reference, the nearside one is overside and placed in the wrong place, and the front logo leaves no space for a fleet number above it. The offside logo doesn't even go above the cab window. I can also see you've neglected to put any logos on the back of the bus at all, you've not painted the roof white, and that you've not coloured the areas between the destination display and window in black. Same would probably apply with the new logo variant. I'll excuse the lack of legal text, depot codes and stickers just this once.

It's good to see you've included an interior for the bus, albeit the one that came with the download, if I remember correctly. But aside from that, what I've seen in this repaint is a shocking lack of real effort undertaken by the repainter. I'm astounded that you managed to get the TfL Buses roundel so badly oversized. The only thing which looks right on the download is the colour red, which I'm sure you might have taken from the TfL Branding Standards.

My suggestions for improvement? Actually take a good look at what buses you will be recreating for OMSI, and try to recreate to the best of your ability what you see to the correct proportions. I would also recommend downloading Frosty's enhanced templates for the C400 to make the repaints look less bare. I am by no means telling you that you should stop repainting at all, but you desperately need to put a lot more effort into this than just slapping two logos onto the template, resizing them and calling it a day.