Stagecoach in Hampshire - The King's City Mini Repaint Pack with a HOF File

Stagecoach in Hampshire - The King's City Mini Repaint Pack with a HOF File V0.5

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This repaint is based off the E200MMCs that use the livery operated by Stagecoach in Hampshire. The E200MMCs operate mainly in Winchester but some are in Hampshire.

These repaints are for the MAN A21 RHD as seen above in the title. The repaint is adjusted to represent the E200MMCs that they use. There are 2 repaint variants planned for this pack: One with the normal livery which you get now and the second which is the Park & Ride version of the 'The King's City' livery. The repaint with the Park & Ride livery will come to this pack in a future update very soon as its still WIP and I am looking for more reference pics and as much detail as possible to put on the repaint!

They also come with a HOF File with the destinations used by the E200MMCs. Each of them made by me. Some of the destinations might be wrong but if they're not then I'll be happy with myself. I do not live in Winchester or Hampshire so I may not have every single destination used by the E200MMCs. Again future updates will happen. Enjoy :D

Lots of credit to Rear Admiral Meerton for supplying me with some reference pics regarding the repaints!

Please read the readme for further instructions

Credits to:
Frosty (me)
Rear Admiral Meerton - His YouTube channel: Rear Admiral Meerton
Danielc2525 (Dev of MAN A21 RHD)

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