Stagecoach Hull Simplibus pack for the Studio Polygon Enviro 400 MMC

SP 400MMC Stagecoach Hull Simplibus pack for the Studio Polygon Enviro 400 MMC 1.0

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This is the Stagecoach Hull Simplibus pack for the Studio Polygon Enviro 400 MMC.

The livery is based on Hulls batch of Simplibus branded Enviro 400MMCs 10734-48 (when new) & 11192-201.

This might be a useful thing to have for these repaints:
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Names: DDearing & SamBuses.

DDearing added the rear simplibus brandings to 10734-48 variants. Sam did the base Simplibus livery and interior.
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As someone from Hull (well, obviously), it's a good effort, sure. But I will have to cite you on a few things.

For starters, the clear thing here is that you've used the template wrong. I can see that what you've done here is painted on the actual body template itself instead of using a separate layer, which has taken away the panel gaps, making it look kind of awkward. Also, I think you've done the same for the floors, which I can't quite understand what you've done here, as well as the seats. Finally, the sections of the walls and mouldings that have not been painted and left template white could have also been painted grey.

As well as those, the fonts for the window logos aren't right. They appear to be VAG Rounded Bold - unless I'm otherwise mistaken - which differs greatly in thickness from whatever font Stagecoach East Midlands use for their own logos. Also want to bring up how the nearside Simplibus logo has been pasted over the bake of the template, which might look a little awkward on the front.

Finally, I'd suggest putting in some Stagecoach Lincolnshire RoadCar logos down by the wheels, as well as signage for emergency exits, fuel and screen wash, if that is possible. Fleet numbers for the matching super-rears would be a good start - those are in Gill Sans MT font, for reference. A great level of detail personally makes a repaint zing for me.

The main pull for me, though, is the fact that you have gotten a hold of actual Simplibus SN66 super-rears from the real buses and pasted them onto the livery. While they all could be a little bit darker, I'm impressed at how you've applied them to the bus so realistically. Did you make these yourself? Or did you get them from your photos?

I'm hoping you can keep this constructive criticism in mind - and I'd like to apologise for the tone of my previous review - for a possible remake. Regarding the body template, the order I've figured out is to put the setvar mirrors as the first layer, the 'blacks' layer as second, the main body layer as third, and your repaint layer below. This would therefore allow for panel gaps to be shown while also allowing for the black window surrounds and the like to stay black. I'm quite impressed that someone has actually achieved the challenge of recreating the SN66 super-rears, but as it stands, the rest of the repaint could honestly be better. Take what I've said here, and personally, I think this repaint really could shine.
Sorry that it wasn't up to your standards. It's the first major repaint pack that I have worked on and the same goes for Sam with the interior refurbishment. I haven't looked in to the templates myself too much, definitely found everything to look rather confusing though. As for the rear brandings they were taken from my own photographs and adapted to remove the destination board ect.
Fantastic pack and nice to have a variety of rear ads to really make a proper fleet.
Many Thanks, glad you like it :D
Works brilliant. Known Danny for many years, Im his number 1 driver ;-)
Cheers Deano, shush don't tell everyone! :P
absolute amazing repaints it would go great with my reg and fleet numbers
Cheers Harry, I hopefully have linked those in with this now.