Stagecoach Gold Repaint Pack

SP 400MMC Beta Stagecoach Gold Repaint Pack 1.1

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This repaint is based upon the latest version of the Stagecoach Gold livery being used on the Enviro 400 MMC's used in the stagecoach fleet. This pack currently contains 2 variants of the livery.

Please note that this is still WIP as I need to create the interior of the bus, this will be in a future update!
• Stagecoach Gold (Unbranded)
• Stagecoach Gold (BotW Route 35 Branded)

Please note that this pack is still in development and currently has the default interior

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know so I can try and resolve them!
I hope you enjoy driving this bus as much as I enjoyed making it :)


20200502135014_1.jpg 20200503165148_1.jpg 20200502135014_1.jpg 20200502140444_1.jpg 20200502140457_1.jpg 20200503165123_1.jpg 20200503165129_1.jpg 20200503165144_1.jpg 20200503165148_1.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Gold Repaint Pack - BOTW Route 35 Branding

    This pack now includes detailed route branding for BOTW Route 35.

Latest Reviews

Great! Maybe you could do a repaint for the 37 in Scunthorpe or maybe one of the Gainsborough routes!
Great reskin using it as my AI List on BOTW. Would reccomend.
awesome livery love it!!1 could you please do a sheffield x17 for the sc gold it would be really appreciative 5 stars :)
Another Developer is making an X17 Branded vehicle so keep an eye out!
Only critism i have is the wave under the window on both sides need stretching right abit so the front of the wave goes over the gold strip and the Stagecoach logo on the purple on both sides needs to be moved back slightly. Other than that i take my hat of to you as its a brilliant skin.
Hi Many thanks for the positive review! I am planning to do more variants of the gold livery as they seem to vary depending on region for some reason! This version of the repaint is based on stagecoach south's Gold 1 route :) as seen here:
Been looking for one for ages, good job! Deserves all 5 stars!