Stagecoach Gold (48 Branded)

V3D E200MMC Stagecoach Gold (48 Branded) v2.02

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OPTIONAL: [ono] MS Hanover mod | V3D E200MMC
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This repaint pack is currently on version 2.02 and contains 2 repaints!
The pack currently supports 1 buse(s)/pack(s), those being:
V3D E200MMC (11.5m)

This pack was mainly created by me (Myles), but other people have chipped in, and have been credited where appropriate.

This repaint pack is based upon the Stagecoach Gold route 48 buses, which are based at the Nuneaton depot. They went into service in early 2018, replacing the ageing 62 plate Enviro 200's, which were too branded for the route 48. With the introduction of the brand new Enviro 200MMC's, the route was given a Gold status, as it was just a regular route brand beforehand.

I have recognised the existence of the Hanover mod for the bus, so I have included a version for people with the mod, as long as just the regular bus.

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Below is a "slide" for you to view. Underneath the slide, there will be a list of the repaints included in that slide, and what they'll appear as in the in-game selection menu.

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  • [TBG] Stagecoach Gold - 48 Branded
  • [TBG] Stagecoach Gold - 48 Branded (COVID-19)


Below is a list of people who have helped make this pack possible. Without their help, this would have either been delayed by a long time, or simply just not happen in the first place.

  • TheBritishGamer (Myles) (me) - Creating repaints, decals, stickers, graphics, and much more!

  • Google - Reference images that I could not go out and source myself, due to COVID-19.
  • Neil Girling on Facebook - For sending a picture of the "SOCIAL DISTANCING" sticker in the nearside window. Neil works for Stagecoach Winchester and is a key-worker. I would not have been able to release this without his input, so thank you, Neil!
  • "0118999" - Allowing me to release his Stagecoach Gold interior with this package.
  • Sambob_12 - Allowing me to use and include his "swoops".

  • V3D - E200MMC
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Latest Reviews

Thank You Myles For The Repaint thats good livery their
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you very much!
A very well done repaint on the 48 buses. Great to see the improvement in detail from the last version, keep the good work up :)
Myles W
Myles W
Thanks. Hoping the next version can be even better.
Cracking work! :)
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you for the kind review!