Stagecoach E400MMC Livery

Stagecoach E400MMC Livery 2018-05-28

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Hi this is my stagecoach livery for the E400mmc i hope you enjoy it and it comes With a Read Me file on how to install the livery

its dose not come with interior
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it's ok, but the blue front is not perfect. It needs to be a bit darker.
the only reason i wouldn't give it 5 is cause the blue at the front should be a different shade other than that great work :)
Well that's... Interesting...

I'd try maybe tidying it up a bit more (particularly the front), looking more closely at reference pics to determine the swoops and how they actually travel on the bus. Also, check your colours as they are slightly off - and the MMC never wore that livery, it had a specific variant designed for it.
very realistic keep the nice repaints up