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Welcome to the Southwest Transport Download Centre,

This is where you can download everything related to Southwest Transport, this will be updated at the end of every month.

It contains all the availible tour cards, over 300 duties, repaints, and map edits.

The current map edits are: (all links to the origanal are posted below)
*You need to copy and paste the maps that are edited, and transport the files in this download in the copied map folder, and relace those files.*

Airport map - All timetables have been changes, with a slight change in some routes.

Cotterell - U18 timetable has been changed with buses up to every 10 minutes Weekdays, up to every 15 minutes on Saturday, and up to every 20 minutes on Sunday and Bank Holidays. X18 early mornings only on weekdays.

New Bowdenham 4 Chrono! Detailes of the routes are in the download.

Also contains a repaint for the SD77 done by Whiskey.Stuffs

Download links to the origanal maps:
Airport Map: OMSI Airport Addon
Cotterell: [UKDT] Cotterell
Bowdenham 4: Bowdenham V4

Any problems please let me know,
Hope you enjoy!
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