Smarden (Fictional)

Smarden (Fictional) 1.0002

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One of the best omsi mods. If you like manuvering large objects through narrow and tight turns, this map is for you.
Honestly really fun map, so much detail has been put into every corner of the map, personal favourite to drive through is Forstal, really narrow forest road is challenging yet awesome, Any one complaining its too hard, its supposed to be challenging and if its too hard play a different map, Probably one of my personal favourites when it comes to UK maps.

Also map works very well with any of the Polygon DLC buses however the .hof bugs out and looks quite weird.
Absoloutley loving this map! I think it's amazing and have decided to make changes to the routes, combining parts of the 300, 304, 314, 347 & 349 together to make a really long route :) The timetable is below if anyone is interested
Glad you like it and a very nice timetable.
The map is good, but could be better in so much ways.

I'm sorry but how am I supposed to like a map which has a level of fictionality which I haven't seen before (even in real life).

For a start, why are the hills so challenging to drive up and it gets so much to the point where the passengers think that I am driving bad and want off....

Secondly, the roads. It is clearly evident that on some of the roads that complete fictionality can be seen. This for me is very unrealistic as in real life, some of the these roads I have never ever seen about and where I have seen something similar to them, they are drivable roads which do not cause passengers to want off my bus. Also on the topic of roads, in some areas there are clear crash zones which could of been avoided at all costs whilst the map was been built. For me, this is my biggest problem with the map.

Thirdly, the general feeling. Even though (possibly) the main town (Wantsum) is good, some of the other towns/villages are very unrealistic and as mentioned with some of the roads, it is evident that fictionality has been used to build them.

Overall, this is a poor map and a map which I would not recommend to the new OMSI players.
You can drive slowly around the bends and the passengers won't complain, there's like one or two corners where they do, because omsi.
Indeed, some roads are based of complete fictionality, it's a semi-fictional map.
I didn't focus on hitboxes on the map, sorry, turn collisions off and it will be fine.
I have pushed some areas to extremes but seriously, have you seen some of the skill bus drivers have, the places they drive are insane and the skill is amazing, you should go on some different buses in real-life, you will be impressed.
I like the Map it's tight and would be challenging if you were able to drive with collisions off. If the Hitbox were fixed and the map was fully driveable I would give it a 5 star.
Great map really fun and challenging to drive - have managed to get the B7L and B10BLE on the 349's without hitting anything albeit the journey took over an hour and 15min. Would love to see more high-speed motorway routes though in the future!
Amazing map! Very challenging too aswell and nice roads. Ik the map is fictional but most of the town names are in Kent and Sussex which is nice. and most of them seem to be pretty nearby each other aswell.
Great Map! just like to say most of the ppl moaning about this map i would like to see you try and make a map yourselves done a great job here, i know i would never have the patience to make one myself so good on you. ;)
I was really looking forward to this map. After spending 2 hours trying to get it to work, the issue was resolved on my end. I must say I was disappointed to say that the villages and scenery is very samey. Very little to distinguish between each place. Also, the roads are unrealistically tight. I understand that the map is fictional, but it just seems silly to be driving a double decker bus down roads that barely fit a car. Aside from that, the challenge was interesting and I will drive the map some more.
Overall the idea of this map is very good. It's nice to have another map with long routes that isn't just looping the same areas 3 times over. There's certainly room for improvement and as fun as the narrow roads are, some do need to be widened, IRL a bus would never even attempt to get down some of them. AI pathing is done well - a pleasant surprise for a UK map and the documentation is comes with is very detailed. The concept of having regular routes as well as those irregular ones you usually see being run by 02 reg Solo's is brilliant as well. Overall, a job well done and hope to see continued improvements!
Now, I would give this 5 stars as it is an amazing map! But, none of the repaints for my buses are loading and hardly any textures (they show as white) which is kinda annoying me so I was wondering how I can stop this? And yes I have uninstalled the map and re-installed it.
Thanks :)
Nice map to challenge player's driving skills!
Fantastic Map To Drive. In My Opinion, I would drive this map every day because it is very big and it is challenging but now I have got used. This map shows how 13 year olds (me) can play this game.
Could spend hours driving on this map, love the challenge this map brings. Great Work :)
Love it, now the route helpers and an overall performance increase, I'd say it is brill. I think it is my new fave to drive on. OMSI Has lacked what i would call tight roads and challenging hills and a decent sections of road where you can get the bus up to the limiter for a long time now. Overall very impressed.
Very disappointing map. The roads are absoulutely awful and the names of place are atrocious.
Sorry what. The names are based on real place names in the UK, what is so bad about that. What exactly don't you like about the roads, they are meant to be challenging and the road style is no different to any other map.
Overall a Great map to drive which adds a new challenge for the UK buses. For me its runs smoothly with the odd lag spike here and there in denser areas.
This map is different and fun to drive. Has a plot twist type of feel, especially when you're using the C400R. It's a bit laggy in some areas and the route markers can be - unnecessarily - difficult to follow in the country areas. Takes a couple drives to familiarise yourself with it.
Not a very good map tbh, I like the challenge side of it, it’s just the fact that the ai buses are completely messed up and it’s very laggy
really good map love it remind me of some routes driven at work best map yet i think