Smaller Operators Repaint Pack for V3D's Digibus Phantom

V3D Digibus Phantom Smaller Operators Repaint Pack for V3D's Digibus Phantom 1.0

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Digibus Phantom by V3D
NOTE - Since the update of the Digibus Phantom to include the full height and low floor variants this pack will not install to the correct directory and repaints will not work. This will be updated in due course.


Thank you for downloading this pack! Included in this set of repaints for the Digibus Phantom (Optare Spectra) by V3D. Included are liveries for a number of smaller operators from the West Midlands area. While some of these are not the most up-to-date liveries, some are based on similar vehicles such as Olympians, others are what I believe the vehicles could have looked like if operated, around the mid- to late 00s.

1. Central Buses
2. Central Connect
3. Claribels
4. Travel de Courcey
5. Diamond Bus (Go-Ahead)
6. Hansons Local Bus
7. Johnsons Excelbus
8. Select Bus Services
9. The Green Bus

Please note that this download is compatible with the official branding patch, but installation will be slightly different. See the included ReadMe for details.

With thanks to @DJ98 for the Hansons Local Bus logo.


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Wow. I like the idea but was meh, then I saw the Hansons and immediately downloaded it - its sad they are gone :(
Lovely repaint pack!