Scunthorpe 1.1

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I really enjoy playing this map as there are many routes to drive and different villages as well. Even though I have never been to Scunthorpe, it does feel like a realistic town to drive a bus in.
A great and varied map, with many bus lines.
It's really fun to drive on this map.
I only have one problem with this map and its that the passages done speak other wise its a smashing map
i have downloaded the map and all the required dependinces and done what the read me says and the map appears i load it and all i see is sky somone please tell me what is wrong
Love the map great work! I love driving all the routes and the AI Respond really well with traffic but when you leave the bus station the zebra crossing glitches out for me and then wont let the AI move. 5 Star's from me great job Mr Moose
Great map and development team, however, I have been having some issues with the map like missing sections etc even though I am missing no splines or objects
I love this map so far, it is one of the best UK based maps, the AI even respond really well and the busses are really nice. Only issue though......... Why on earth does the map have nothing there, like every route except 9 so far after about a few stops into the route the map kind of stops and I can see it in the distance but the bus gets sort of stuck with no floor. Like the game doesn't crash and everything still moves except I then an't drive, I can rev my engine but I can't physically move. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a feeling I've done something wrong lol
good map and one of the best uk based maps
love this map but only problem route 10 and 11 keep crashing on me lol but still everything else is awesome
It's a lovely Map. It looks like Scunthorpe in real life. did good on the roads and the scenery. 4 stars for me. Great job dude.
Could you make the bus station like Cotterell's Bus Station please really nice routes good to drive well done
5 Star review for a 5 star map, great drive....attention to detail to bring it up to standard wouldn't go a miss as its a little lacking in areas however thats true to Scunthorpe so cant knock the map for it. Also dropping 5 stars to balance out idiots who rate 1 star cuz they cant read a read me file. :)
Extremely good map, great to drive and there's plenty of choice route-wise!
This map is amazing! I am amazed at the detail within the map and I really enjoy driving all the different routes. Good job!
I tried downloading it as a trial because it was on the same left side as Japan, but it is a very good map.
However, there are problems in the bug in some places, in the example it is a hit judgment by 31 brick bridges.
This is an exellent map but there are far too many potholes along the routes and there seems to be a great lacking of central lane markings. It would also be helpful if all bus stops were marked when using the route helper as I keep missing most stops due to them not being marked.
This map is really good, it's probably one of the few that has Stagecoach & Hornsby buses used.

The map in general is really nice, I can't give any exact points as I have never been to Scunthorpe yet.

The Bus Station is pretty nice, and most routes are loops, if not all (apart from the AI Humber Fastcat)

The only real problem I have is that the map tends to have some areas which have low fps, i'm not sure why as I have a PC which is high end (I7 with a GTX 1070), but I know for a fact that OMSI itself isn't properly optimised, my only case is the AI Buses which I might change to give me an extra boost.

Overall its a really decent map, that could do with some peformance tweaks!
Excellent texture and enjoyable to me.It is great to see two companies on the map.
One little suggestion is that put a bus logo near a bus stop when the direction function is on.
best map ever! feels like i really riding in scunthorpe.
whilst the map is fairly enjoyable to drive I can only give 3 stars. I can get past the wrong colouring on the Hornsby repaints but I cant overlook the use of buildings where there isn't any buildings and the constant use of small roundabouts in replacement of mini roundabouts. the end routeing of the 10 also bugs me a bit. overall a good map and worth the download and despite what I have put above I still enjoy driving the routes and there are some areas that have seen vast improvement.