Scunthorpe 1.1

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Freeware (Limited Distribution)
Required Downloads
ROADHOG ROAD PACK - Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2
ROADHOG CORNER PIECES - Poly-Saving Prefabs for iomexLH Pavements
BTV BRITISH OBJECT PACK - British Scenery Pack
LONDON CITYBUS 400 - [UKDT] London Citybus 400R
ECLIPSE V1.5 - Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5
Welcome to Scunthorpe!
...a steel making industrial town, made up of 5 villages (Crosby, Froddingham, Scunthorpe, Brumby & Ashby), plus the small town of Bottesford, which has grown to become a suburb of Scunthorpe over the last 50 years. Known as the industrial garden town, Scunthorpe has key areas of industry to the east and north of the town, and expansive suburbs, of mostly semi-detached and detached dwellings spread
over a large area. Not ideal bus operating territory, due to its widely dispersed suburbs of low density housing. Scunthorpe has a network of town routes, serving most of the suburbs, provided by 2 bus operators, Hornsby & Stagecoach...

Scunthorpe for OMSI (2016), is a base pack, which includes the map, and most of the required assets required to run the map (See dependancy list in the read me), and creates the town bus network, as it stood for most of 2016. Routes Include:
4 - Scunthorpe - Lakeside (Hornsby), Every 60 minutes Mon-Sat Daytimes
6 - Scunthorpe - Ashby (Hornsby&Stagecoach), Every 10 minutes, Mon-Sat Daytimes
9 - Scunthorpe - Hospital Park & Ride (Hornsby), Every 20 minutes, Mon-Fri daytimes, Hourly Saturday
10 - Scunthorpe - Westcliff - Lakeside - Scunthorpe Circular (Stagecoach), Every 60 minutes, Mon-Sat Daytimes
11 - Scunthorpe - Yaddlethorpe (Stagecoach), Every 60 minutes, Mon-Sat daytimes
12 - Scunthorpe - Ashfield (Hornsby), Every 30 minutes Mon-Fri daytimes, Every 60 minutes Saturday daytimes
22 - Scunthorpe - Lakeside (Hornsby), Every 30 minutes Mon-Fri daytimes, Every 60 minutes Saturday daytimes
31/32 - Scunthorpe - Westcliff - Riddings - Froddingham - Scunthorpe (Stagecoach), Every 20 minutes Mon-Sat daytimes
31a/32a - Scunthorpe - Westcliff - Riddings - Bottesford - Ashby - Scunthorpe (Stagecoach), Every 60 minutes, Mon-Sat Evenings, Sunday all day
33/34 - Scunthorpe - Westcliff - Bottesford - Ashby - Scunthorpe (Stagecoach), Every 60 minutes, Mon-Sat daytimes
37 - Scunthorpe - Skippingdales Retail Park (Stagecoach), Every 60 minutes, Mon-Sat daytimes
38 - Scunthorpe - Crosby (Stagecoach), Every 60 minutes, Mon-Sat daytimes
AI routes include the 35 (Amcotts), 100 (Lincoln), 103 (Kirton) and 350 Humber Fastcat (Hull).
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Latest Reviews

I'm giving a 3 star because the map is great love the lay out. but I've noticed on some of the routes one of the ones ive noted that Route 6 after u cross the rounabout and up the hill the floor just disappears and the bus just doesn't move after that. if the missing floor issues was fixed so I can drive the routes I would give this a 5 star
It's a good map but has some limitations such as FPS issues and AI issues however all in all it is fun to play on and I have played around 100 hours on it. I would advise you to download this map, it's great fun, just to try it out. The long routes keep you busy. This map is the best map to drive in Suburban England you can get!
This is an incredible map that seems really close to reality. I would recommend using smaller buses for this map though (like the Enviro 200 MMC) because you don't get many passengers!
Love this map play it most of the time great fun and big routes and small one. Need more maps like this. keep up the good work.
hi wonder if anyone can help, ive downloaded all needed files, and still scunthorpe wont load on omsi 2, its not even recognising its there...
I don't get it I have downloaded every single file and still got parts of the map missing :( 5 stars for the bus station area at least :)
I really enjoy playing this map as there are many routes to drive and different villages as well. Even though I have never been to Scunthorpe, it does feel like a realistic town to drive a bus in.
A great and varied map, with many bus lines.
It's really fun to drive on this map.
I only have one problem with this map and its that the passages done speak other wise its a smashing map
i have downloaded the map and all the required dependinces and done what the read me says and the map appears i load it and all i see is sky somone please tell me what is wrong