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Scunthorpe 2016 Rota's and Duty cards. 1.0

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Scunthorpe Map -
Please read the readme as that explains everything regarding the duty boards and rota. Hope you like and enjoy it.
Any feedback positive or negative then please PM me.

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  1. Scunthorpe 2016 Rotas and Duty cards.

    1.1 Some minor errors on duty 609 corrected that and added some more info to readme

Latest Reviews

Hi. Sorry this is really really late, but I found this Hull number (01482 319581) on this website as I got a call from it today, can someone clarify that this is the main depot number please? I called back and they just wanted to check my number and address. Thanks
10 months? Far out, hats off to you mate!

This brings so much realism into Scunthorpe, I have a Wayfarer 200 that I place beside my steering wheel for when I go into OMSI and do Scunthorpe, now I can print out accurate runs and get the Wayfarer to hold the run with the help of an elastic band around the top monitor part. But anywho, great job mate, absolutely fantastic addon.
Great, one issue where do I place the folders?
its mentioned in the read me - no where its just for your personal use
This is a great addition to driving on Scunthrope, adding realism to your driving. It would also be great to see packs like this for other RHD maps.

5* Highly Recommended.
Good, only a few issues is that you would not have Worksop number on it (wrong aswell) you would have either Grimsby, Scunthorpe or Hull on it. So for example under the paid time and stuff it would say: Hull 01482 319581 Grim 01472 246384 Scun 01724 741225
Ensure that First Use Vehicle Defect Checks have been carried out and the defect card has been correctly completed etc.
well we only followed a real life duty card from Stagecoach in a depot down South so it might be different for Scunthorpe but we just did what we had.
Nice! These look like real duty sheets so might get these printed and use them!
thanks, I'm pleased u like them and gonna print them too :)
Adds a great amount of realism especially if you have a setup with an steering wheel.
Something I had been wanting to make but never got round to it! Great Job!
yeah no worries, and I love your maps Mrmoose! and if you release any more maps then ill happy to help you out! Thanks
Seems pretty good! Nice addition and gets me onto the map more.
Cool, I'm pleased that you like it.
Excellent little addition to a great map. I was working on one myself but this is far better than what I had, cant wait to use it later today!
very pleased to hear that you like it! Many more to come no doubt :)