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"Screenshot of the Month" Template

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This is a template for aiding best results when entering Fellowsfilm Forums' "Screenshot of the Month" competition.

The package contains the template in 3 different file formats depending on what image manipulation software you use:

.psd For Adobe Photoshop
.pdn For Paint.NET (free tool)
.png Universal/for basic software (note that this version is flat so has no working layers - it is purely as a size guide).

To install, simply save your preferred template version at a convenient place on your computer.

When using the template in Adobe Photoshop or Paint.NET, remember to hide the "(HIDE THIS)" layer before saving your screenshot!

There are no restrictions on editing or redistributing these files.
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    08/10/18 - V2.0 - Updated to new Screenshot of the Month size of 1200px x 450px in line with new...