Rotala Preston Bus - Transbus ALX400 (Regional Variant)

Rotala Preston Bus - Transbus ALX400 (Regional Variant) V1.0

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Rotala Preston Bus - (Belevenis Design) Transbus ALX400 (Regional Variant)


This repaint is based on the few Tridents that have/do operate within Preston with Rotala's Preston Bus operations this repaint was based on former Selkent X388NNO 40004 (40600) which has operated within Preston since 2012.

The Community : Various support, help and confindence

• Please read the READ ME file included in the download for help and information on installation and requirements!
• Please DO NOT redistribute my work or use any part of this repaint for yourself without my permission!

• Head over to my Facebook page N531DWM Repaints to keep up to date with my work.

N531DWM's Repaints by Macauley Pugh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Very nice repaint! I have actually photoed and recorded this bus in real life! Keep up the good work! ;)
N531 DWM
N531 DWM
Thank you for your kind comments! :)
Stunning as always sire! Shall be blasting this with my trident sounds!
N531 DWM
N531 DWM
Thank you very much Badger, means a lot and look forward to the videos :D