Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2

Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2 2.4c

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  • Fixed text alignment issue affecting the distance field on left-pointing non-primary single-line finger sign
  • Fixed buses crashing into signs mounted above the road
  • Added amber central-reservation marker post variant of edge marker post
  • Added P2602-3 "Cycle Route Number" which mysteriously disappeared between 2.0.3 and 2.0.4
  • Addon_British-Style_Roads removed
  • Fixed texture bleed bug with LED traffic light
  • Added "No Waiting" Cone
  • Added stack of road cones
  • Improved road cone texture mapping
  • Work-around for text-overflow map-bricking bug (destination and distance fields now occupy the full width of the sign)
  • Added P620 variant "Except for access" supplementary plate
  • Added P772 "Tramcar Crossing without Barriers"
  • Added P963.3 "Tramway with traffic proceeding in both directions"
I just posted a small WIP post in which I mention an upcoming version 2.4.
I also want to address a few things regarding the continued updating and improvement of British Road Detailing Pack:

Firstly, significant parts of this pack are really quite old... the majority of the road signs in this pack are completely unchanged from when they were first made in the second half of 2014, and almost all of the temporary signs use a model made in SketchUp in October 2012. Unsurprisingly, I have learnt things in the years between then and now.

Secondly, there are still big holes in the coverage of the pack - notably in the coverage of motorways, rail/tramways, roadworks, and the complex issue of the significant section of UK signage that is custom made to suit the location...

Thirdly, over the last few years the pack has been infiltrated by some scenic items that don't really fit the "Road Detailing" theme. I want to branch out more into this area, as good generic scenic detailing assets are something map makers are in desperate need of.

Lastly - LOTUS. A lot of the older content uses textures which LOTUS can't read, the models all need converting to a different format and BRDP covers tramways very poorly - especially when you consider that most British tramways closed well before the reform of road signage that brought the designs that are recreated in this pack.

With all that said, I have decided that following the release of 2.4, BRDP2 will receive nothing more than bugfix patches and will not be ported to LOTUS.

What will then follow is as-yet plans and dreams, but by slipping free of the bonds of backwards compatibility it should be far improved... something along the lines of "British Road Detailing Pack 3" but with some companion packs including "British Scenic Detailing Pack", all available for both OMSI 2 and LOTUS. Oh, and some tools too, because automation is a lovely thing.
Marking objects:
  • Fixed prefab line markings disappearing when wet
  • Like
Reactions: LT586
Marking splines:
  • Fixed YellowBar.sli not having a bump
  • Fixed lighting bug with fence splines
  • Improved single telegraph pole (new 9.5M pole model and textures)
  • Improved telegraph wire texture
  • Created 400kV electricity pylon (for distant scenery) and wires
  • Added specular to speed camera
  • Added specular and improved text mapping on bus stop flags
  • Addon_British-Style_Roads to be removed in 2.4. Use alternative road/pavement splines from iomexLH, whistlehead roadways, O3D_SimpleCrossingSplines, etc..
Marking splines:
- Fixed EdgeLine_Junc_200.sli not being 200mm wide
- Removed duplicate splines that didn't get removed in 2.1 as intended:
CentreLine_Warning_100.sli => CentreLine_Warn_100.sli
CentreLine_Warning_150.sli => CentreLine_Warn_150.sli
CentreLine_Warning2_100.sli => CentreLine_Warn2_100.sli
CentreLine_Warning2_150.sli => CentreLine_Warn2_150.sli
SolidLine_500.sli => ChevronLine_500.sli​
- Removed content deprecated in 2.1
Marking objects:
- Fixed rain not puddling on markings
- Created painted and unpainted Pallisade fencing