Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2

Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2 2.4c

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'British-Style Road Items' 1.5.3 has been re-uploaded, should you require an older version.

This is a pack of British road markings, road signs and roadside clutter made by me, Road-hog123.

  • This pack has been made for OMSI 2 and WILL NOT WORK with OMSI 1 (it uses splines with transparency, a feature implemented in OMSI 2).
  • I cannot be held personally responsible if the installation of this pack directly or indirectly results in the breaking of your OMSI installation, installed map(s) or loss of data.
  • All signs and road markings contained within this pack are made to conform as closely as possible to the DfT standards.
  • All road marking splines include usage guidelines at the top of the file to advise on how to use them.
  • The latest version is also available from an identical Dropbox mirror or via GitHub, along with some of the source materials.
  1. Replace any uses of files that are to be removed in this version with those that will be kept (see changelog)
  2. Locate your OMSI 2 installation directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2\ on 64-bit Windows systems or C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2\ on 32-bit Windows).
  3. If a previous version of my pack is installed (i.e. the directory structure in this download already exists in the install location), remove it before installing this version. Note that in doing so you get a "proper" clean install of this pack with no extra files, but as such you may break maps that utilise files that have been deprecated and removed. (See Redistribution if you're a map maker and want to avoid this).
  4. Copy the contents of the "OMSI 2" folder included in this ZIP archive into the "OMSI 2" folder you identified as your OMSI 2 installation directory.
  5. If you have to overwrite files other than the previous version's fonts, you have either not removed a previous copy or are installing the pack into the wrong location.
  • If the installation of this pack breaks your OMSI install, you've done something wrong. It's not meant to do that. Undo what you did and try again reading the installation instructions carefully.
  • If the installation of this pack breaks an installed map, sorry. Check if the map has an update that fixes problem with this release. If it does not, then you will either have to revert the pack to an earlier release, edit the map yourself to fix the problems or make the map work with its own copy of the pack (see redistribution with a map).
  • If there are missing files, corrupt files or otherwise broken files, check if these problems have been reported on the download thread(s). If they have, follow any fix instructions given or wait until a fixed release. If not, in the case of data corruption, you download may have corrupted and you should try re-downloading and installing again. If you believe the problem to lie with the release, please report it to me such that I may fix the problem.
Unchanged with a freeware or payware map:
  • (recommended) Link to the download page and keep your map up-to-date with new releases of this pack. This means that your map can benefit from optimisations and improvements in future releases.
  • If you are unlikely to update the map in the future, are worried about users failing to download the file or are selling the map on Steam or similar (and need to package everything together), you may include this content inside your map download. If you do, the pack MUST be included in a subdirectory (e.g. "\Sceneryobjects\YourMap\Road-hog123\"). This keeps your map's copy safe from being overwritten by updates and ensures your map won't overwrite a user's updated version with an older one.
Modified with a freeware or payware map:
  • You MUST include your modified content in a separate subdirectory of Sceneryobjects and/or Splines (e.g. "\Sceneryobjects\YourMap\Road-hog123\") such that your modifications do not overwrite my files and/or affect other maps.
Unchanged independent of a map:
  • Link to the download page. The download page is on and has a direct download link to Dropbox if the download hosting is down, so there's no need to upload the file anywhere else.
  • Uploading this pack elsewhere also prevents that download link serving the most up-to-date version automatically.
Modified independent of a map:
  • You MUST include your modified content in a separate subdirectory of Sceneryobjects and/or Splines (e.g. "\Sceneryobjects\YourName\Road-hog123\") such that your modifications do not overwrite my files and/or affect other maps.
  • You should make it clear that you've merely edited my content and did not originally create the content.
  • You can sell your modifications if you want, but my pack is free, so they'd better be good modifications for people to want to buy them.
Unchanged independent of a map as payware:
  • This pack is released by me for free. I'm not going to stop you, but who's going to buy something that they can download for free?
Claiming my content as your own:
  • If you claim this pack that I made myself as something you made, you're not a nice person and you should feel bad. Shame on you.

Known Bugs:
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