Rhys' London Bus Shelter Pack

Rhys' London Bus Shelter Pack 2016-11-06

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London Bus Shelter Pack

-Comes with 4 London bus shelters (two with countdowns/2 without countdowns), Animated Advert Boards.

Extract the Fonts/Scenery Object folders to your OMSI 2 directory.

Animated Advert Boards:

The animated avdert boards are based on Clear Channel's Advert boards seen on many London bus shelters in densely populated areas. You are able to edit the advert textures to create your own animations. Remember to edit the night textures

In order to activate the advert boards, in OMSI 2 Editor, you will need to place down "PiccadillyAdvertSq.sco" prior to placing your advert boards down. Then, you will "Parent" the advert boards to the advert square (Similar to how you would parent a traffic light).

The bus shelters have attachment points for the advert boards and will place them down in the correct place.

Credits: Rhys McCollin and Transport for London.
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Dropbox error 404..... Is it still available
When I add it to my edited version of the Nuendorf Map, I add some text to the various Objects & it shows Nothing. the PID doesnt seem to show anything when its not parented to a bus stop cube
What is it you’re trying to do? You’ve not made it very clear here...
Excellent Work. so realistic. Can you make some timetable displays as well please :)
good work