Replaced with better quality paints, download pending and will appear soon.

Danielc2525 MAN A21 RHD UKDT C400R Replaced with better quality paints, download pending and will appear soon. V2.0

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Brighton and Hove repaint pack for the C400R and MAN A21 UK
Includes interior textures.
As of Version 2.0, the pack Includes
Please note that V2.0 is awaiting approval, and is not yet currently available for download.:

C400 -
BH3 black
BH3 Route 1
BH3 Route 6
BH3 Route 7
BH3 Route 49
MAN A21 -
BH3 black
BH3 black CNG

Please note: Reviews & criticism are welcome, but please don’t just moan about all the things you see wrong. Criticism helps me to improve repaint quality, but if you just go on about how bad everything is I will lose motivation to fix these issues. Thanks.
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  1. Added lots of repaints!

    Added repaints: C400- BH3 Route 1 BH3 Route 7 BH3 Route 49 ============ Adjusted textures: Fixed...

Latest Reviews

It's sad to say but there are far to many issues with this. The red swoops are wrong, the coloured swoop is wrong and the fonts are way off. The colours are correct however, so that is good, but more attention to detail needs to be paid, especially to the very blurry seat textures.
Thanks for the review. What do you think is wrong about the red and swoop? I will try and correct the seats textures for V2.5, but reference imagery is hard to find.