Reliance Motor Services Liveries for the Regional ALX400

V3D ALX400 (Regional) Reliance Motor Services Liveries for the Regional ALX400 1.0

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Welcome to the Reliance Motor Services Livery Pack! This pack contains Reliance Motor Service's double decker liveries; all of which have been accurately based upon their two ALX400s and five ex-London Plaxton Presidents.

Reliance have provided a local service for over 80 years, and are well known across Yorkshire for being a well established and family run business. Since 1980, Reliance Buses have sported a traditional styled Green and Cream livery, making the buses look well presented and easily distinguishable.


Fleet Information -
Reliance serve a great deal of people throughout the day, and their busier routes require double deckers. Routes such as the 40 and 30SE have proven quintessential for many people's commute, and therefore Reliance relies on a fleet of sturdy B7TLs. Commonly used are ALX400s V223 LGC and X191 CHJ; These are presented in their traditional cream and green livery.
This Pack -
Included in this pack is a variant with Bonded Glazing (Black Border around Windows) to match V223 LGC and a Gasket Glazing variant with no black outlines to suit X191 CHJ. Also included is a Reliance style interior with generic colours and re-upholstered seats.



Fleet Information -
Reliance have been known to refurbish ex-London buses to state where they are suitable for regional use with only one door. An example of this is ALX400 V223 LGC. However, slightly newer to the fleet are five Plaxton Presidents, one of which has been converted to have one door and rocks the traditional Reliance Cream and green livery (LK03 NHP), however more recently, ex Go Ahead Presidents have acquired the 'Reliance Red' Livery due to the demand for buses leaving them with no option to refurbish them at this moment in time. The 'Reliance Red' livery first made an appearance on BA15 BXS (Single Deck B8RLE Eclipse 3) and then NL02 ZRX (Scania L94 Solar) with the Route 29 Specific Decals. Presidents PJ52 LWE, PJ52 LVT, PJ02 RDO and PJ02 RDX are now also presented in the 'Reliance Red' Livery.

This Pack -
Included in this pack is the new 'Reliance Red' Livery, with silver Reliance decals. This has been reflected with a more realistic looking livery with clean decals and an optimised look for the ALX400 with fictional ‘refurbished’ London interiors.

Also included is a 'London Transitional Livery' That shows the bus being altered to have an unfinished paint job that would reflect the appearance of the vehicle after it's second London Door is removed and replaced with panelling. This exciting repaint shows the vehicle in an unfinished state after it's red livery, prior to it's full repaint into the cream traditional livery. Also included in this repaint is a London style interior, again to match the interior of the PJ52 plate Presidents.


A representation of Relaince's 'attempt' to rebrand the 'Cleaner Air for London' to 'Cleaner Air For York' is also shown above. A temporary measure until the bus is either repainted into a more permanent 'Reliance Red' livery or the 'Traditional Livery'


After Ensuring you have all components listed within the 'Prerequisites' Section, Refer to the readme that is downloaded with the Pack.

  1. Run The Setup Application Labelled 'RelianceMotorServices-Liveries.exe'
  2. Select 'Yes' if asked for run confirmation by User Account Control
  3. Proceed to entering your ALX 400 Regional Directory. By default the installer will look in C:\Program FIles (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\OMSI 2\Vehicles\TransBus_ALX_400_Regional\, however if your ALX Folder is located elsewhere within the filesystem, please specify it's location.
  4. Proceed to install
Uninstaller can also be found within the ALX400 Directory after install. Please note, this will remove all modified files. Take a backup of all files before installing.

I would also recommend Badger's B7TL Soundpack for more authenticity! Download it Here.



Shown above is ALX400 (X191 CHJ) sporting the Gasket Glazing Edition of the 'Traditional Livery'.


Shown above are two ALX 400s; one with the bonded Glazing Edition of the 'Traditional Livery' (V223 LGC) and the other with the 'Reliance Red Livery' (PJ52 LWE). Behind is a B9TL Gemini 2 rocking the First U18 Livery.


Shown above is ALX400 PJ52 LWE knelt as it waits for student passengers. With a refurbished interior and exterior, it's indistinguishable that this was once a London Bus despite it still having the 'Reliance Red' Livery for the foreseeable.


Above is the Back end of Reliance's ALX400 Fleet after a long day. Left to Right is Refurbished PJ52 LWE, Bonded Glazed V223 LGC, Mid-Refurbished (Or London Transitional) PJ52 LVT and Gasket Glazed X191 CHJ.


Shown Above is Mid-Refurbished (Or London Transitional) ALX 400 PJ52 PVT's bodywork that has been patched up after having its London Door removed.


Shown Above is Mid-Refurbished (Or London Transitional) ALX 400 PJ52 LVT's interior that has been patched up after having its London Door removed.


Shown above is the Reliance interior with a more generic colour scheme when compared to the London interior shown 1 photo up.


Shown above is PJ52 PVT in a mid-refurbishment state. Hydraulic issue present within this photo.
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