[RC] Stagecoach Repaint Pack

MS Gen3 [RC] Stagecoach Repaint Pack 1.3

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Masterbus Gen 3 Pack (Payware DLC)
These repaints are incompatble with the latest version of this DLC, an update will be posted shortly to rectify this.

An assortment of Stagecoach liveries for Masterswitch's Gen 3 pack:




PLEASE NOTE: The current version, v1.2, only contains repaints for the Masterdeck 10.5m. Repaints for additional versions (B5LH, B5TL, etc) will be published at a later date.

Please read the ReadMe file enclosed for full installation instructions and redistribution rights.

Known Issues
There appears to be an issue with the upper deck interior window surrounds turning white a few minutes after spawning the bus in. This isn't just happening at my end. Not sure why - will look into it though.

Please let me know if you find any other bugs, or have any suggestions for future versions. :)
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Latest updates

  1. v1.3

    What's changed? Added Distance Amber and Specialist Green 2020 variants
  2. v1.2

    What's changed? Minor fixes to 2020 Local Blue exterior; additional vinyls added.
  3. v1.1

    What's changed? Added 2020 Local Blue livery; Lazzerini template updated.

Latest Reviews

Beautiful repaints. Thank you.
Not gonna lie, but i'm not much of a Stagecoach fan but the Streetdeck/Germini 3 actually looks really nice.
Good repaint and it brings a great addition to the Pack.
Absolutely stunning, I did not think a Stagecoach pack would come out in such a short period of time! Thank you very much for these absolutely amazing skins!!
Lavely, cheers! :)
Nice , I hope you will redo this pack for the Streetlite / Masterlite when it comes out Thanks
Amazing work! I love Stagecoach.