[RC] Stagecoach Repaint Pack: Masterbus Gen 3

[RC] Stagecoach Repaint Pack: Masterbus Gen 3 1.0

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Masterbus Gen 3 Pack (Payware DLC)
An assortment of Stagecoach liveries for Masterswitch's Gen 3 pack:



PLEASE NOTE: The current version, v1.0, only contains repaints for the Masterdeck 10.5m. Repaints for additional versions (B5LH, B5TL, etc) will be published at a later date.

Please read the ReadMe file enclosed for full installation instructions and redistribution rights.

Known Issues
  • The seating pattern looks stretched/dark on the sides of the seats facing the aisle - nothing I can do about this, this is how the template was made.​
  • There's not much variation! - keep your eyes peeled ;)

Please let me know if you find any other bugs, or have any suggestions for future versions. :)
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Latest Reviews

Not gonna lie, but i'm not much of a Stagecoach fan but the Streetdeck/Germini 3 actually looks really nice.
Good repaint and it brings a great addition to the Pack.
Absolutely stunning, I did not think a Stagecoach pack would come out in such a short period of time! Thank you very much for these absolutely amazing skins!!
Lavely, cheers! :)
Nice , I hope you will redo this pack for the Streetlite / Masterlite when it comes out Thanks
Amazing work! I love Stagecoach.