[RbR] Firstgroup Repaint Pack for V3D's ALX400 Regional

[RbR] Firstgroup Repaint Pack for V3D's ALX400 Regional v2.0

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V3D's ALX400r from here: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/regional-transbus-alx400-trident-2.1225/
Welcome to Version 2 (The other one was for Donators only) of the ALX400R Firstgroup repaint pack!


Included in this pack are 21 extremely detailed repaints, from many different areas of where First operate, examples being:

  • First Kernow
  • First Leeds
  • First York
  • First South Yorkshire
  • First Greater Manchester
  • First Bristol
  • The list goes on and on, just look at the poster.

    All repaints have their own custom skyline and interior, out of a choice of 3, depending on what the real thing has.

    Please ensure you read the readme of course, there are some optional extras in there if you want the reg to match the fleet number.

    Oh, and the Buses of Somerset paint is missing, I know, I took it out, I'm not happy with it so I'll redo it and update the download. I'm sure you'll manage fine without it.

    If you have any comments, queries and or questions, somehow direct them my way and I'll try and help as much as possible. Join my Discord too because I'm a huge sellout: discord.gg/hvMD6Vd

    Thanks for looking and enjoy the paints!

    Oh, and stop stealing my stickers from my paints and posting them on your Facebook groups, it's annoying k.​
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Latest Reviews

Brilliant attention to detail! How did you get that display on the bus? Mine is just an old matrix.
It's from the donators version, I think someone made a mod on VirtualBus?
Excellent repaints, well done.
Thanks "Trisha".
Awesome Repaints could you possible do First Wessex
In the next update, yeah.
That Ipswich livery is cracking! (They are my local buses)
Thank you!
Could you add the hof file for the Buses of Somerset designations on the ALX400 in photo please
I only made that one, https://reboot.omsi-webdisk.de/file/773-hof-suite-en-de/ if you want to do your own ;)
This is absolutely brilliant! I love First so this is great. Any chance of a First Leicester livery? They are no longer in service in Leicester, but they'd be memories.
Thank you! Sure, in the next update. :)
Can you do one without fleetnumbers?
In the next update, yep!