[RbR] Firstgroup Repaint Pack for the London Citybus 400

[RbR] Firstgroup Repaint Pack for the London Citybus 400 v1.0

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Welcome to Version 1 of the E400 Firstgroup repaint pack!


Included in this pack are 10 extremely detailed repaints, they are as follows:

  • First Sheffield's 33858 SL14 DFD
  • First Leeds 33885 SN14 TVT with the Pulse branding applied.
  • First Greater Manchester 33696 SN12 AHA branded for Line 36 and 37
  • First Eastern Counties Great Yarmouth 33423 SN60 CAA with the darkest windows since Uno's E200s.
  • First Bristol's 33661 SN12 AEG branded for Line 50, very orange.

All repaints come with a clean and dirty verstion, use whatever you're inclined to. Thus making those 5 paints become 10.

All repaints have their own custom skyline and interior which are highly realistic.

The dirty repaints incorporate @whistlehead's realistic dirt texture, which can be found here: C400 Dirt Texture Layer - Credits to Whistlehead for that.

Please ensure you read the readme of course, there are some optional extras in there if you want to increase the level of realism.

If you have any comments, queries and or questions, somehow direct them my way and I'll try and help as much as possible.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the paints!
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These would be ideal for AI buses when, hopefully, the Bristol Airport map is released.
love this repaint pack especcially the great yarmouth one its special to me cause i go great yarmouth nearly every year for holiday
Absolutely astounding. Could you do a BotW 35 branded livery?
Really good repaints.Could you do some london repaints
Brilliant mate keep it up :)
Thank you! :) Enjoy!