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Printable timetables for UK maps

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Printable PDF timetables for various UK maps which include:

Buses of the West Country

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wardle man
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Very accurate, Few spelling mistakes like 'Totness' and' 'Minuet'. But still good :)
wardle man
wardle man
Thank you. I have updated these mistakes.
Looking good brother, havent checked how they match but they seem pretty accurate at quick glance. I have changed every route tho for the 2.0 update so maybe drop me a message a week before release and ill send you the final TT Data ;) Really would be nice to get something like this in leaflet form for the new version tho great work.
wardle man
wardle man
Thank you. The layout is based of my local company's timetables on excel and I used another program first to get the intermediate times. I would be happy to produce some for Yorkshire 2.0 so if you drop me the ttdata when it is complete i can crack on with it. I haven't tried a leaflet style yet but I will look into it for Yorkshire 2.0 if you would like.