Perma-knackered turbo for Winsome E500MMC

Perma-knackered turbo for Winsome E500MMC 1.1

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If you don't already know it, the Winsome E500MMC features a knackered turbocharger sound effect which kicks in at random. This mod makes sure someone goes and hits it with a hammer before every drive :smilingimp:

Original bus: winsome's OMSI Studio - Download

Includes a copy of the original script in case you somehow get bored of all that thrash.
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Awesome mod! Don't look at the reviews just download it! It sounds like the 04 reg plate ALX400's we have over here :D
This is a very realistic mod, and very fun to put your foot down, to hear it :p. Sounds like some of the 4 year old E400 I have!