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PATCH V1.1 for Caetano Levante Driver & Passenger View Enhancement Pack V1.1

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Caetano Levante by AD156
All credits to the original author.

Caetano Levante Driver & passenger view enhancement pack V 1.0
As I was never totally happy with the driver view in my above add-on, this patch revamps the driver view ONLY by slight repositioning of camera point & adjustment to F.O.V.
This is totally optional update, if you like the driver view included in the above pack V1.0, or you installed the options 2 or 3 without the increased driver F.O.V. you DO NOT NEED this patch.
To help decide whether you wish to use this option there are screenshots of the Driver View included in this patch & the original driver view included in above pack V1.0 shown below.
After downloading the zip file it is recommended that you unzip to a temp location of your choice.
Refer to the Read me enclosed in the Zip file, for the installation.
The first screenshot is the revised view the lower one is the existing one in V1.0 pack.
Revised Driver F.O.V..jpg
V1.0  Pack Drivers View.jpg
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