NX Coventry and NXWM HOF File

NX Coventry and NXWM HOF File 4.2

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New routes and 16 bug with the same dest code has been corrected! Enjoy the update! Routes 7 and 9 coming soon!
The 18/18A and the 19 have been added! Any bugs let me know. I have now put the folders into an older hof file which I made back in 2016. A glitch has also been fixed which would happen with some vehicles on the 6. Enjoy this update!
More destinations have popped up! The 6 and 6A are now available for your repaints! Please note that the repaints are NOT mine and you can find the link in the read me file!
More destinations! Including the 21, 8 and 12X. NXMW Is now underway! It will take me a while but should be done soon. The ALX 400 is now compatiable after getting rid of some bugs. Please make sure you read the read me! The read me includes some suggested paints.