NX Coventry and NXWM HOF File

NX Coventry and NXWM HOF File 4.2

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Any bus.
Optional repaints are included in the read me.
Coventry hof file has decided to break itself where I have accidentally made it switch between two destinations and once you click a dest its stuck like that. I was also making a map with someone that is based in the West Midlands around the area of Birmingham with another user whos Discord name is Trident4590. He suddenly has just voided us and has not sent me any dev messages for over a year now. I am working to correct the issue with Coventry hof file with a larger update that will introduce every dest in Coventry. This includes dests by NX Coventry and West Midlands (X1 ONLY) Travel De Courcey, Stagecoach and other routes that are just miscellaneous. Thank you for reading. :)

A hof file for National express Coventry Buses can be used with any bus but please read the read me for the repaints of the buses i advise however were NOT made by me.
This was mainly made for the NX Coventry Repaints i am seeing around and i thought i should make a hof file for them so people can actually drive around and have the displays SEE README FOR DESTINATIONS AND NUMBERS!! (If you wish to use manual display set then in the readme next to the displays there are codes that you can enter)
Expect to see an NXWM Hof file coming soon by me!! Also I am aware of the title saying NXC and NXWM! That is because when NXWM is finished it will be put into the same structure. When I get round to adding routes I will make a structure.

Thankyou For Downloading!!
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Love the way they look on the ALX400R. Please Add Routes 6 And 6A In the future :)
Wish Granted! Download the new version of the hof file! ;)