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Northampton HOF for OMSI 2 Version 1 Revision 4

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Welcome to the Northampton HOF version 1!
This mod allows most buses with a compatable display (e.g. Flip dot or ChuraKrurger (for LED) blinds) to be able to display blinds used on bus routes within Northampton!

There are also variations between blinds (such as Flip Dot having different text to LED blinds), which have been reflected here. These variations can be found when selecting a destination within the bus. A example of this is with the 15 to Acre Lane, where on a flip dot, "via Kingsthorpe" is in all caps, where as with an LED blind, it displays "via Kingsthorpe" as is, not in all caps.

Please let me know if there are any issues with this mod, or if you have any suggestions for improvements I can make, as this is my first upload.

Many thanks,
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Thank you for making the hofile northanption for omsi 2 deffo deserve 5 stars im from Northamptonshire I see the x4 and the x10 in Kettering all the time well done
Brilliant, nice one