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I made this repaint essentially for the Sutton Coldfield map. Hope you enjoy!

The bus isn't supposed to have the exact similarities, i can't copy everything, but i have tried my hardest.
shanniah kirnon
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  1. Fixed version of previous update

    The previous update only included changed files, which meant that new downloaders found the file...
  2. National Express Platinum File Fix

    Fixed version of 1.0

Latest Reviews

It's creative but the fonts are all wrong and the interior isn't right. So I give it two stars for the creativity of the branding :)
This is actually awful. The wrong fonts have been used and the quality of the repaint is shabby. The offside, however is better. 1 out of 5, sorry.
Awesome repaint! Would be good if you did the 529 platinum repaint :D
shanniah kirnon
I'll try doing a 529 repaint but may take a while as I am quite frequently busy doing other things but hope you're enjoying the repaint without any trouble.