National Express Coventry Repaint For V3D ALX400 R

MS Gen3 National Express Coventry Repaint For V3D ALX400 R 1.Final

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To use this repaint in omsi you will need to download the V3D ALX400 R From the link below,

TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec) 1.03
Here we have got a fictional repaint of National Express Coventry on the body of V3D ALX400 R.

This is not based on a real life livery of this accual bus this livery is more pointed towards, Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's.

I Hope you enjoy this repaint but please make sure to read the included readme just so nothing goes wrong if it does go wrong please make sure that everything is in the right place ! My contact details are in the readme if something should go wrong please message me and I Will do my very best to try to help you fix the problem.

If all is done right then there should be no need to contact me and you can get stright along to enjoying this livery.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy. Pete.
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Arriva Trains 175
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A great re-paint, would love to see an ALX400 in the new livery, although they are probably due for repacement soon. I've never seen the blue backs, on the seats though, but other than that, it's a great repaint, good job! :)
Arriva Trains 175
Arriva Trains 175
Thank you very very much Streamr_yt ! Hope you enjoy it I Was basically going off of the E400 inteior :)