National Express Bus Pack for C400R

National Express Bus Pack for C400R 1.0B

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National Express Bus Pack for C400 R

This pack is perfect for use with the 904 - Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield Map

This pack includes:
-Travel West Midlands Toothpaste (Used by Enviro 400s new in 2007 for Sutton Lines at Perry Barr Garage)
-National Express Coventry Blue/White
-National Express West Midlands Crimson
-National Express Coventry New
-Xplore Dundee

Installation directory:
OMSI 2\Vehicles\London Citybus 400\texture\Livery_R

Due to the layout of the ZIP file, you can just extract to the OMSI folder.

Copyright 2016 James Deakin/twmmcw.
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 2 reviews

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Latest updates

  1. Some fixes to make it more realistic

    Main fix is the Coventry Blue/White shade of blue.

Latest Reviews

Poor quality, doesn't look very good in game, all lines are blured and very pixelated!
Hi, thank you for the feedback!
It's much appreciated.
Please do note it isnt finished, I always upload and when there are potential improvements I can do I do them until there is nothing to improve.

I am currently in the process of obtaining the correct logos and then I will be doing just general improvements. In particular the quality of the lines, I do agree they are not perfect. But, considering I didnt have OMSI on the computer I made them on - they're on my other computer - they're decent for the repaint being made without the ability to check things at various points.

As for blurryness, that is not an issue with the repaint as it appears perfectly fine on my computer (though AI vehicles are blurry due my settings).