MS Masterlite - "Sour Cuppas" Cup

MS Masterlite - "Sour Cuppas" Cup Mod: 1.0 Bus: 1.02

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Hello! You have just clicked on my 2nd ever mod release!
It's a quite small mod, but I hope that you'll like it nonetheless. :)

This mod changes the texture of the "COSTAH" cup at the far right of the Masterlite's cab, to "Sour Cuppas". Bear in mind though that this mod REPLACES the stock "COSTAH" texture. If you ever want to see it again, I highly advise you to back up the stock texture beforehand. If you have replaced it though, you can still get it back. To do this, I'd suggest you either re-install the Masterlite pack via Steam or get it back via a backup.

picture .was. Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 23.19.38.png

The file structure included in this download (OMSI 2/Vehicles/[v1.02] Masterbus Masterlite/Texture) is only compatible with the current version of the bus [v1.02]. If an update to the bus releases, you will have to move the "SL_CoffeeCup.png" file from [v1.02] Masterbus Masterlite/Texture to whatever newer version you have.
Thank you.

Mod (and initial idea) by:
LeylandNationalStagecoach (myself)

Advice: Before asking for help in the Discussion & Support thread, please read and follow the readme that
I've included with this download. I've tried to make the installation instructions as simple and easy as possible.

Disclaimer: Please don't upload this mod or any other mods of mine anywhere else unless I've given you explicit permission to do so. Thanks for understanding.
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