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Midlands Operators Repaint Pack for C400R 2017-05-07

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London Citybus 400R
With the many Travel West Midlands/NXWM repaints out there, I thought it would be a good idea to represent some of the smaller operators around the Midlands.
Included in this pack are repaints for the following operators:

- Central Buses
- Claribels
- Diamond Bus
- Hanson's Local Buses
- igo (wmsnt blue livery)
- igo (new ATG white, blue and red livery)
- Johnsons Excelbus
- Midland Classic
- Select Bus Services
- The Green Bus
- Travel de Courcey
- Whittles

I am planning on expanding this pack gradually to include more operators from further afield.



To install this repaint copy the contents of the OMSI 2 folder in this download to your OMSI 2 folder on your computer.

Please do not modify or upload this repaint anywhere, if you wish to share please send a link to the download.
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I love that Midland classic are getting noted more now as they are a good bus con pony in Swadlincote and Burton with a good fleet of buses as they have E200,Optare,DAF,Scania and even a routemaster
i hope there will be more mods well be of MIdland Classic
superb, are the single deckers repaints being released too?
best repaint ever