Metroline Regional - MS Streetdeck Repaint

Metroline Regional - MS Streetdeck Repaint V1

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Masterdeck & MasterdeckHEV Metroline Repaint (Route 84/A)

Repaint Information
This repaint is based upon the livery used on Metroline's E200, LK07 BEO. The repaint consists of two separate folders, as the repaint is for the Streetdeck and the StreetdeckHEV. Please note, this repaint is a fictional repaint, so if there are any mishaps or if the interior doesn't correlate to the real-life repaint, that would be why.

Additional Information
This is the first repaint I've made for the Masterbus Streetdeck/StreetdeckHEV so please leave your feedback and comments on the repaint in the review section as it will assist me in establishing whether I've done a good job or not. This repaint requires the Masterbus Gen 3 Pack, which is a payware DLC that can be found on Steam. You can find the DLC link at the top of this download page!

Please make sure you read the 'ReadMe' file if you require any help installing the repaint!

MSMetroline4.png MSMetroline5.png MSMetroline3.png MSMetroline6.png
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