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Mercedes Benz O530 FL Standard Bus View Enhancement Pack. V1.1

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The Pack for the O530GL Bendy-Bus will follow shortly

I created this pack for this vehicle so that all the features of the model & fantastic repaints could be appreciated more by users.

This pack does NOT change in any way the original bus model, scripts, or original / repaint textures, it just gives existing, tweaked or extra camera angles to view more of the buses details.
The package follows the similar format as my previous ALX400 release.

These entire views etc are based on my preferences & as everybody has different opinions or a player preference, the download offers 2 choices. Some views are from the original bus, some are tweaked & some are new.
The Drivers straight-ahead view has an increased F.O.V. giving a more immersive feel to driving, some users prefer this but others do not like the possible fish bowl effect created, therefore there is the choice to keep the original drivers F.O.V.

If you use the pack with the NEW Drivers F.O.V. view please be aware that it shows as the most zoomed out position before major distortion occurs. Therefore if you have the “alternative view box checked” on page 1 of the Options in OMSI 2, you can ZOOM IN to suit individual taste, using the SHIFT key & RH mouse Button. Then as long as you use the Left – Right keyboard keys to look round, not the Mouse it will HOLD your selected zoom setting for the straight ahead view until you either Quit that bus or OMSI.

Pressing & holding the “INSERT” key gives the Timetable* view, pressing & holding the “HOME” Key gives close up of the ticket machine & cash tray.
The Passenger views have either been tweaked slightly to represent sitting/standing in actual positions, or are additional ones added to show off more of authors/developers work on this bus model.
The extra exterior views are added to the passenger views, so to find them continue to ‘scroll right’ after the front entrance view. NOTE: The full 360deg will only be visible if scenery objects do not shield the bus.
Option 1 – MBO530FL Standard Bus,
Install the full pack including the NEW drivers F.O.V. view
Option 2 – MBO530FL Standard Bus,
Install the full pack but with the ORIGINAL drivers F.O.V. view.

To show the various views included, three folders of screenshots titled Driver, Passenger & Exterior Views are included in the zip file.

Note : *The timetable will only show up if you are on a time tabled journey, otherwise it is a blank sheet.
After downloading the zip file, due to multiple options it is recommended that you unzip to a temp location of your choice. Then refer to the enclosed Read me in the Zip file, for all the detailed installation options.

All Credits go to
Lowlander21 for the BUS
Various authors for the REPAINTS
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