McGill's Repaint Pack

L21 Citaro (UK - RHD) UKDT C400R V3D ALX400 (London) V3D ALX400 (Regional) Other UK Buses McGill's Repaint Pack V1

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This file is intended for use with Lowlander21's Citaro UK Pack.
Required Downloads
London Citybus 400R: [UKDT] London Citybus 400R
Caetano Levante: Volvo B9R/B11R Caetano Levante
Citaro Facelift UK: Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack
Transbus ALX400 London: TransBus ALX400 (London Spec)
Transbus ALX400 Regional: TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec)
Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5: Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5
Volvo B9TL Gemni 2: Volvo B9TL Gemni 2
McGill's Repaint pack



This repaint pack has 28 repaints and more to come for many UK spec, RHD buses for the company McGills. McGills is a bus operator in the west of Scotland, it is now one of the biggest privately owned bus companies in Scotland and has taken over several bus operators and routes in their rise to success.


Repaints included:

Citaro Facelift UK:
McGill's SGH Flyer Livery
Citaro Facelift UK: McGill's old Smoothiecruisers livery
Citaro Facelift UK: McGill's old livery
Citaro Facelift UK: McGill's New Standard Livery
Citaro Facelift UK: McGills 23 Branding
Citaro Facelift UK: McGill's Standard Livery
Citaro Facelift UK G: McGill's Standard Livery
Caetano Levante L: Morton Team bus Livery
Caetano Levante L: McGill's Christmas days away Livery
Caetano Levante L: McGill's Standard Livery
Caetano Levante: McGill's Standard Livery
London Citybus 400: McGill's Standard Livery
London Citybus 400: McGill's X7 Livery
Transbus ALX400 London: McGill's Standard Livery
Transbus ALX400 Regional: McGill's Standard Livery
Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5: McGill's Standard Livery
Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5: McGill's New Standard Livery
Volvo B9TL Gemni 2: McGill's X7 Livery



Frosty: ALX400 London Arriva Interior
KK294: Edited London Citybus 400R Template
MT Repaints: Edited ALX400 Regional & London Template



to install the repaint pack simply drag the folder "Vehicles" into your OMSI folder, which is typically found at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2

Insert the "Vehicles" folder in here. The folder should overwrite some files in the process


This repaint pack was uploaded to Virtual Bus & Fellowsfilm so if you find this repaint anywhere else except Virtual Bus & Fellowsfilm then please notify me.
this repaint was uploaded by KM Omsi 2 Repaints
thanks, hope you enjoy! Haste Ye Back!

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Amazing! Coming from greenock myself, Its just like the real things! Cant wait for an Enviro 200 To be added when one comes out. Keep it up! 5 stars from me!
KM Repaints
KM Repaints
thanks very much Crazydog2016, glad you like them, tried to re-create them as much as I could, yeah the enviro 200 will be coming in the next update, the support is always appreciated 😁
What can I say about this!? Nothing it's so good! Being from Greenock myself McGill's are a excellent addition to Omsi!
KM Repaints
KM Repaints
Thanks so much EddieStobartspotter, means a lot, glad you like them 😁