Manly ACT THREE 1.1

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Welcome back to Manly.
After 7 years of building, Manly ACT THREE is finally available to download.
Enjoy driving along sunny beaches, suburban areas big hills and lots of narrow streets.
Manly ACT THREE has over 50 driveable routes which cover a massive area encompassing the area from Sydney City to Manly and Mona Vale.

Please read the FAQ before asking any questions in the support thread. The readme file can be found in the Documentation folder contained within your OMSI 2 directory once all four files have been installed.

Feel free to leave a review below. If you find an issue. The best place to put it is here.
Be very specific too so we can fix it. General statements are not very helpful.
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  1. Manly ACT THREE Version 1.1

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Latest Reviews

Fantastic Work! The years of effort put in clearly shows! Great work to everyone involved. I do however, still have an issue with (what I'm assuming are) invisible cars, damn teenagers and their classified military grade invisible paint!
Only just got this and the amount of work gone into it is awesome and I thank you as a fellow aussie the only issue I have which I think is to do with the actual bus is the polygon 400 mmc does not bring up the destination just the route number no matter which hof file I use and in bcs it does not have desto's in the ibis and desto code list if I manually input the desto on the bus it appears briefly then disappears leaving just the route number is there a fix or a problem with bcs and the bus itself?
best map ever keep up with the great work !
7 Years of building is more than proven in this. Definitely a must have for OMSI. It's that good I feel as though I'm there!
Only thing letting this down is the fact you can't download the roadmap as the editor runs out of memory. Would it be possible to upload a roadmap for omni navigation?
So nothing is letting the map down now. I have managed to finish all 782 tiles and Manly ACT THREE is now available in its entirety on OmniNavigation. Just reload and it should be there.
Map is great - Missing the Roadmap, so i can't use Omninavigation. Can't create the roadmap myself, as the editor crashes while creating it (out of memory).

So if anyone has a roadmap for omninavigation, i would appreciate it, if that could be shared. - This also would allow the map to be used with the Buscompany Simulator/Dispatching Sim.
After a number of months or working around essential work, I have managed to finish all 782 tiles and Manly ACT THREE is now available in its entirety on OmniNavigation. Just reload and it should be there.
After downloading it, cromer heights doesn't load, same with manley wharf
does anyone know why
Love the Map but there is one thing i dont like which is when it comes to setting the dest with numbers and not the Place name
Glad to hear you like the map. Bus routes on the Northern Beaches of Sydney are intertwined. In the case of destinations like Manly (131, 132, L32, E35, E36, 140, 141, E41, 142, 143, 144, E50, 151, 155, 156, 159, 169, 170, E70, E71) or Wynyard (many) there are numerous routes that go there from all sorts of places.
This the the reason for the codes. That and the fact that some route numbers may start and finish at various places along a certain route.
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for making and sharing this. A massive piece of work that really captures the look and feel of this northern area of Sydney.

Makes it worth playing OMSI again :)
Thanks mate. Glad you are enoying the map.
I love this map because I live in the area the map is based in but the only thing to complain about is during the Dee Why part 159 route the scenery is really bad and for all those wanting updates this is their facebook and this is the place to download 1.1!QpFF0YoQ!ac1AovBs9u1RdzQwNVUt5Q
Thanks for the review mate. We first made the 159 in ACT ONE so it probably needs a revisit ;)
We all know that it is basically a matter of picking from about 10 different unit block types to get it more authentic.