Man Citysmart

Beta Man Citysmart 0.000002

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great bus, will be even better when done
Great Work On The Bus, You've Knocked Yourself Out!! But For The Full Release There's A Glitch That Doesn't Show Repaints
Cracking bus but still in a beta. Always see these on the route 500 in Runcorn
The bus is okay BUT it has been rushed. And the rear window is not perfect. The passengers are bending down, the bus is hideously slow and the ticket machine is a bit off.
Great bus, hope the final version gets released
This is now my favourite bus in omsi.
Gust needs a few more things and then will be amazing.
Good Work!!!
One tiny point (I know its in alpha/beta/not even in alpha) it kinda sounds like the c400r
If this is an rushed beta (the quality is outstanding) I cannot imagen what the fully completed one is. keep up the good work
Really like the sound of the bus and the shape of it, interior is nice. Also a little buggy but still driveable! Great job, its good to have beta buses so other OMSI players can test them and then you can read what people have said then from their you can fix these issues and add more. I think buses should be on here UNDER a BETA Test category so then the community can help creators on the buses they create!
Really not too bad for a pre-release version. Its definitely worth a try even if only used once or twice. This bus has 100% got potential and look forward to future updates/full version.
1.Nice engine sound
2.Detailed model
3.Add oil
If this is as rushed as you say your skill really does shows, you've done a good job on it. I look forward to seeing it once you've compleated it.
Very nice for an early version of a non complete bus yet. Nice one so far.