MAN A21 - RHD V1.0

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This is a UK convert of the original MAN A21 by V3D studios, whilst converting this bus to RHD, it was also converted to 'single door'. The credit for the original model all goes to V3D and the relevant parties. All information regarding the setvars and static version are included within the read-me. The bus also comes with repaint templates which allows you to customize and change different components.

The installation process is explained in the read-me however it's a case of 'dragging and dropping' the files into your OMSI directory. The download will overwrite some font files within your OMSI directory.

This file is NOT to be uploaded publicly to any other website and should only be found here on the Fellowsfilm Forums. (More information on the static object can be found in the read-me.)

If you find any bugs then please feel free to report them back to me and I will try to fix them as soon as possible :).

  • Original model - V3D and relevant parties
  • Conversion - Danielc2525
  • Testers - btv, Mystic Greg, Oainientk3, The PH6NTOM, ThisIsAlex, W21D
  • Scripts - AD156, Danielc2525


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Latest Reviews

Love how, even though it doesnt exist, you spent time doing it.
This bus is amazing, I'm using it in Great Grundorf 2 LHT. The only issue is it displays the announcements but it doesn't play the sound. The file is in Omsi/Vehicles/Announcements/GreatGrundorf2 and the hof does support announcements and I know that it is announcement capable.
A truly excellent bus to have in OMSI 2.
Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into converting this bus to RHD, it's always a joy driving it on any UK map!

BTW: Will you be doing a 2-door RHD variant once Add-On London's released?
Thanks in advance! :)
Thankyou! and currently I have no plans to do a 2-door RHD variant myself.
Very good bus to drive. Will the speed dial ever be updated to MPH? Driving a UK bus with KM/H on the display is abit annoying. Other than that it's a great bus!
Great Bus to drive and the sounds are amazing with the Badger sound pack, but does anyone know how to get the ticket machine to show the right tickets?
Amazing mod as usual!
I really like the bus but the ticket machine isn't usable.
Awesome but it breaks down too often
Thanks and check that your maintenance settings are set to infinite if you don't wish to get break downs :p
i have add HongKong's B7RLE'S sound to this bus,is good,i use this to be a B7RLE
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BUS. It has great handling, great sounds and if you have the bad maintenance turned on the failures are also good. The one problem i have is the speed dial. Other than that i would recommend this bus!!
Thank you! I do plan to change the speed dial in the future :)